Noopii® Nappies and Pants

Noopii® is a wholly-owned New Zealand FernMark accredited company, our manufacturer is based in Auckland and our nappies are initially being assembled in PRC (The people’s republic of China) until such time as our nappy manufacturing factory can be built right here in New Zealand. We will keep you posted on developments. 

All Noopii® products are designed in New Zealand and they also contain New Zealand Manuka Hydrosol to ensure our products are safe and naturally antibacterial.

Yes, Noopii® nappies contain SAP. All nappies contain SAP, even those who claim to be ‘organic’, ‘biodegradable’, ‘vegetarian’ ‘vegan’ or ‘compostable’.

SAP (super absorbent polymer) is an absorbent material which has been used for more than 20 years and a component that all nappies have in common. SAP is used to absorb liquid and remarkably it has the ability to absorb up to 150 times its weight in water. SAP ensures our nappies have up to 12 hours of leak protection so that your little one stays dry and comfortable throughout the night.

SAP is not toxic and does not irritate the skin. The SAP we use has gone undergone rigorous compliance regulation testing to ensure it is safe and effective. 

Noopii® is a solution-based innovative company and we are constantly searching for better more sustainable materials, when we find an effective and highly absorbent bio-SAP you can be sure we will use it.

Our outer cotton blend backsheet is made from 50% renewable and sustainable materials ensuring our nappies are super soft, comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic. Our nappies contain responsible forestry wood pulp, New Zealand Manuka Hydrosol and spandex elastic for the leg cuffs and the waistband. Our top sheet is a non woven plant based fabric which is made from 50% sustainable and renewable materials.

Our nappies are made from 50% renewable and sustainable materials, our packaging is made from sustainable paper, overall our products with the cardboard cartons bring our overall sustainability to 70%. As technology improves we aim to make the sustainability percentage of our products even higher.   

All our materials are highly regulated and undergo the strictest quality control and safety assurance testing.

All Noopii® nappies are themselves made from 50% sustainable and renewable plant based materials, our packaging is made from renewable coated paper (nappy packaging needs to be dust proof and keep the products free from moisture and other environmental hazards) which means our paper packaging is coated with a thin plastic film to ensure that our packaging does not disintegrate if it comes in contact with atmospheric moisture. Together our nappies, paper packaging and cardboard cartons are made from more than 70% sustainable and renewable plant based materials. Our paper packaging can safely be burnt as rubbish if you use an incinerator or popped into your yellow recycling plastic/paper waste bin for roadside collection.

Noopii® nappies and pants are 50% sustainable (a fact that we are extremely proud of achieving) meaning they are higher than the world’s leading eco nappy brands, all of which have less than 40%. It has been proven that any higher percentage in sustainability severely impacts performance, breathability, softness and comfort. We are not willing to sacrifice these important features.

As nappy specialists, we have spent several years working with materials engineers to develop and test new sustainable formulations, therefore we know that Noopii® nappies achieve one of the highest ratings in the world. The primary reason for this is that technology does not yet allow for anything greater than 50% at this point in time without significantly compromising performance, quality and comfort. While our experts in the field have identified potentially more sustainable materials, they sadly fail when it comes to performance and comfort. If there were more sustainable products or better performing eco materials, then we would be using them. We will always strive to improve our products as the technology adapts and becomes available to us.

Our current products are only the start, we have entered the market with high-performance levels in mind at an affordable price. Our focus is on superior performance, comfort, softness, breathability and premium quality.

There is still considerable misunderstanding and confusion regarding sustainability and biodegradability. Sustainability considers the entire material sourcing, manufacturing and packaging process while the other tends to focus on the product or certain components only in order to validate ‘greenwashing’ claims and avoid scrutiny for the vast amount of plastic packaging that ends up in landfills around the world every year. For any material to biodegrade or compost it requires oxygen, light and heat, therefore this process is impossible to achieve in landfills - even a newspaper won’t biodegrade in landfill. Composting too has an array of problems as nappies should not be composted at home as they contain faeces which is serious and dangerous hazardous to human health. Composting also requires oxygen and very high heat (55 degrees celsius or higher) which is only achievable in a specialist commercial composting facilities. These facilities only accept certified waste from partnered companies and are not available for household rubbish (ie nappies) collections across New Zealand or Australia.

All our inks are certified non-toxic and food-safe, better for our world and safer for your baby.

Yes, our nappies have been tested by Dermatest, a world leading research Institute in Germany specialising in skin patch testing. Noopii® nappies have received the highest test result possible, certified with Excellence. All our products are tested to be safe for even the most sensitive delicate skin. You can find and view our certification here: Dermatest

No, we do not use any cosmetic ingredients in our nappies.

Like babies, nappies come in all shapes and sizes. Use our simple, easy-to-use nappy/pant size guide to help you choose the best nappy for your baby.

Noopii® Natural Baby Wipes

Noopii® Natural Baby Wipes are naturally soft and gentle and made with 100% sustainable and renewable bamboo and New Zealand Manuka Honey.

Noopii® Natural Baby Wipes are Dermatologically tested and free from chemicals, alcohol, parabens and fragrances ensuring they are safer and more gentle for baby's delicate skin and packaged in recyclable plastic for a green more environmentally responsible option.

For each pack of Wipes sold a percentage of our sales is donated to Forest & Bird, New Zealand's leading independent conservation organisation. There are 70 wipes per pack.

100% sustainable bamboo fibre
Natural soybean amino acid
NZ Manuka honey
Aloe Vera
Vitamin E

Yes, Noopii® Natural Baby Wipes are proudly made in New Zealand.

This is because they are made from 100% natural bamboo fibre. Synthetic wipes, as you may have noticed have a smooth “slip and glide” which means they easily pull when removed from the pack. Natural fibres just don’t have the same action or behave in the same way as plastic wipes do so they need to be treated with a little more care. We have found that if you gently take one wipe between your finger and thumb and pull them slowly you are less likely to get a clump and they are easier to get out.  

We spent many months researching and developing our wipes and as parents we know how important it is to have products that are easy to use and help to reduce the amount of toxins and plastics going into landfills and waterways each year, polluting our precious environment.  It was a challenging project, we did not want to compromise our environmental values nor did we want a product that was difficult to use. In the end, we decided that a natural, environmentally safe wipe was much better for the health of babies and for our world and we accepted that we would need to compromise slightly on the ease of getting the wipes out of their packs, in order to have a wholly natural, safe and environmentally responsible product. All Noopii products are constantly being researched and re-evaluated as we strive for the perfect product that is both performance based and as natural and safe as possible.

Yes, our wipes have been tested by Dermatest, a world leading research Institute in Germany specialising in skin patch testing. Noopii® Natural Baby Wipes have received the highest test result possible, certified with Excellence. All our products are tested to be safe for even the most sensitive delicate skin. You can find and view our certification here: Dermatest

General Noopii® Questions

We guarantee to never test on animals. Ever! Here at Noopii®, our mission is to make a positive difference to parents and baby’s around the world. We are also passionate supporters of native species recovery programmes and help fund the 1 million trees planting campaign through our One pack, One Tree initiative.

Yes, we send Noopii® products all across New Zealand. We strive to use renewable and sustainable materials wherever we can, so we have partnered with our friends at The Better Packaging Company and use their fabulous compostable bags to ship our fantastic products. Smart solutions for you and our world, together we really can make a difference. 

We work with talented New Zealand based photographers Rachael McKenna and Paige Hodson . Both Rachael and Paige are acclaimed infant and lifestyle photographers and experts at capturing our beautiful bubs in our Noopii® products.

If for any reason you need to change your order, please email us as soon as you receive your confirmation email. Our system is designed to fill orders and get them on their way to you as quickly as possible. Once an order has been processed for the courier we are unable to make any changes.